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Food in harmony with nature

abril 13, 2017

Food in harmony with nature

Products labelled healthy food, organic, bio and eco are currently available in almost every convenience store or supermarket. It is our daily choices that make the healthy food market grow at a rapid pace.

Let's choose consciously, not by name suggesting health or marketing product description, but by paying attention to the appropriate certificate and labeling of food.

Organic products have to be of high quality. First of all, they have meet the standards resulting from the applicable EU regulations. Safe, clean and free from harmful substances, produced using a minimum of 95 percent natural ingredients.

The whole process of production, from the preparation of the soil, through the growth of the plant to the harvesting, should be in harmony with nature. Only manufacturers that meet these standards are certified and may place a special symbol of twelve stars on a green background on their products.

Only products with this sign give you the confidence that they come from organic crops and are under special control.

EU or NON-EU Agriculture*

*this inform us about origin of raw material 
**this is certification body number which controls the manufacturer


In the Department of Organic Farming and Plant Protection we will find out what conditions a farmer has to meet if he wishes to pursue organic farming. The certification of his crop is carried out by special units. The control system and activities of the various state inspections are supposed to provide us with healthy food. It is assumed that the period from 2 to 3 years, is the transition time of production. Not always the soil is completely clean. Unfortunately, in the post-war years DDT insecticides were commonly used. Once a wonderful discovery, we know, however, that this chemical is not indifferent to man.

The use of pesticides has a huge impact on the environment and human health. There is no place for them in organic farming.

The Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation is responsible for the approval of soil improvement agents. Organic farming must be conducted naturally, by using crop rotation and maximizing the use of fertilizers such as manure. To protect crops, only those authorized by the Plant Protection Institute can be used. The Trade Inspection examines the quality of the product on the store shelf and the compatibility of descriptions and information with the actual situation.

As long as a person does not understand that he is part of the environment and the food chain, all these institutions and offices must guard the safety of our food.

Organic food production is more expensive, requires more work and time.

Organic, fresh products cannot stay long on shelves. They are not preserved or chemically protected, so they have short expiry dates. The final product with the leaf symbol will therefore be more expensive. However, it is healthier and the whole process of its production does not adversely affect the environment. At LYOFOOD we know that it is impossible to live apart from nature.

Our diet and food should be full of vitamins, minerals, clean and safe. We do not rely solely on organic controls, but we do periodic soil tests of our crops, we examine our products for pesticides and heavy metals in external laboratories. You have to know that pollution does not come only from used pesticides, but also from groundwater, chemicals are transmitted by the wind, unfortunately nowadays harmful measures are everywhere. That is why education is needed, as well as strict control so that our customers can be confident that the products we deliver are of the highest quality.

Our fruits and vegetables from organic farming are harvested at the right moment of their growth, when they are mature.

They have an excellent taste and the highest nutritional value. Through the freeze-drying process the product retains all the minerals and vitamins. LYO POWDERS products are made from 100% fruits and vegetables. Their quality is confirmed by the certificate and the green leaf. Wonderful aroma, perfect, concentrated flavor and rich in vitamins in a small bag.

When there are no seasonal, organic fruits and vegetables on the shelves, supplement your diet. Throughout the year enjoy the taste of the best strawberries, raspberries, currants, berries and cranberries. Enrich the powdered dishes with spinach, kale, nettle and beet.

LYO organic powders are vitamin bombs that will give you energy and health.

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